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Saturday, May 21, 2005


Originally uploaded by Baigneuse.

Since it was the first knitting book I ever owned and its basically where I learned all that I know, I tend to reference Stitch N Bitch in most of my work in some way or another. This is the sack sweater with the skully pattern replacing the cable. I think I have made 4 or 5 variations of that one sweater. The other kids in my classes thought it was so neat that I could knit right until I held up the work and they saw a skull and crossbones looking back at them. Thats when they grew eyes in the back of their heads to watch the crazy knitter in the rear of the classroom. I loved that irrational fear almost as much as the fear I got when my hair was still blue.

A note about the sweater. It was made for my sister who is wearing the matching Kittyville hat in the picture. Her boyfriend is the one doing the modeling. That way you could see the picture streched out across the front of the sweater.


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