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Friday, November 11, 2005

4th Time's the Charm

My 4th Lelah and probably my best. The pooling stripes at the bottom was a happy accident. I had origionally intended to make a Lelah with capped sleeves but I couldn't get it to look just right so I elimnated that idea. Maybe someone else can be the one to do that. Instead I may use the yarn I have left to make a matching caplet.

This top took 2 skeins of Sinfonia in "Matizado Azules" and I had just enough left to sew the elastic in. I used size 5 and 8 needles.

Pattern is from the site "Knitting for Boozehags" and the link can be found in any of the previous Lelah posts here.


  • At 3:38 PM, Anonymous marion said…

    I surfed on in from my friend, Laura Freeman's,site. Great knitting! And you like Duran Duran- even better!


  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger Baigneuse said…

    Love is not the word, I saw them in concert and went a little nuts. Thanks for the compliments.


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