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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Year of the UFO

I've decided to refer to this year as the Year of the UFO. So many projects started and so few of them with any real progress to them. Every time I thought I was getting back on track a new issue of Knitty would come out and everything would go to hell in a hand-basket.

Damn you Knitty! Your my cracksilk haze dealer.

I have at least a dozen projects started around this year and these are the ones I can remember starting. I'm to wary to to dig into my knitting basket to see what lurks there.

1st crochet hat - tried blocking for extra length but sadly I'll just have to buy a new skein to finish this one off.

Eunny Jang vest - This one broke my heart when I realized somewhere I'd twisted the stitches and a least an inch worth of work was going to be frogged.

VK lace cardigan - so close on this one to, I think I've got at least half of the pieces done.

Print O the Wave - Thank goodness for safety lines, I've had to rip sections so many times.

Ruby Red slipper sock - I finally tracked down enough beads to do the second one but I just never got there.

Fake Isle Hat - this just needs to have the top reknit. I'd just have to untangle the giant ball it has become since I've put it down.

Bzzzz Hat - Needs to be frogged and resized.

Green Varigated Odessa - I love this one but the beads are a little small for the yarn so I became a little discouraged with how many more I had to do. I will finish this one, hopefully before January.

Modular purse - I need to pick up more black wool for this one.

Clapotis - Love the colors but Christmas knitting was upon me.

Blue Cardigan - so soft but it's mostly stockinette. I will pick it up soon after the new year.

Wrestling mask - I need to do 2 of these, one for my bro and one as a gag gift for the dept holiday party.

Kidsilk stripes - Not 100% happy with this one but I've come to far to rip this yarn. It would be near impossible to do so even if I wanted to.

I've also have at least 5 projects I've promised friends and family but haven't really started. Boo!


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