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Monday, March 13, 2006

Pirates Arrgh Cool

I used 2 skins of Lopi yarn to make my nifty new knitting bag. I had purchased the pink yarn at a yarn sale and I dyed some of it red with Kool Aid for a nice contrasting color. A Violent Valentine just for me! I did like the original version of the Tote found at hello yarn but something about the skull chart I found on Flickr just called to me.

Two notes I had about this project: I wish I had just a little bit more yarn so I could have made the bag longer. I’d suggest buying 3 skeins just to be on the safe side. Of course that had to do with me using the 2 to do the chart instead of having a separate skein of contrasting color. Another is that Lopi sheds like a mofo in the washing machine so use a pillowcase.

Link to Tote Pattern
Link to Skull Chart


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