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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stash of Doom

My sister jokes that there must be a bear somewhere in our family tree because of the way we sleep. We basically hibernate anytime anywhere. I’m of the opinion that there is a squirrel mixed in there too. We have problems letting things go. We allow things to simply pile up in dusty corners even if we don’t need them. Instead of nuts for a long winter I’ve got yarn all over my apartment.

I decided to go through most of them to figure out what it is that I’m up against. What I found terrified me. Behold the stash!


So far I’ve broken this up into three categories: stuff to give away, scraps, and keepers.

I doubt Goodwill would appreciate me tossing a box of yarn out my car as I speed away. A drive by yarning just isn’t practical. I intend to find a group that might want it. I’ll look and see what I can find for that.

Before I move on to any big projects I want to work my way through the bits of scraps I have. Stuff just left over from other knitted objects. Maybe just enough to make a simple hat or headband. Stuff that I can knit and give away. So far I’ve completed 2 stash hats. The 3 Flower Hat and a Star Wars Beanie. The storm trooper chart can be found here.

There will be many more hats to come soon.


  • At 8:19 AM, Anonymous chris said…

    HAHAHAHA, stash size seems to be a very arbitrary and relative thing . . . I looked at your picture and thought, "That's it?! That's all of it?!".

    Clearly I have a problem.

  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger turtlegirl76 said…

    Just catching up after my vacation - the stash can truly be overwhelming at times. Be happy you've decided to tame it. Perhaps a nursing home? I'll bet the residents would appreciate the donation.
    The hats are cool! I love the three flowers hat and the star wars hat is a hoot. Your sweater is coming along nicely. I like the way you chose to do the sleeves.

  • At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Nanc said…

    Hee! That storm trooper hat is greatness! And it looks like a quick enough knit for some geeks I know. ;)

    Stash? You call that a stash? Ha - j/k. This, of course, makes me feel bad and sad about my own stash/problem. Squirrels in the family, indeed.

  • At 12:42 AM, Blogger Baigneuse said…

    The hats were fun to make and quick to knit.

    Nanc, if you do the stormtrooper hat I'd do inarstia on the white then just embrodier the eyes and mouth. I did it the hard way because I don't knit smart after 2 a.m.

    The stash picture may look tiny but that's just over 1/3 of my bedroom floor. Also sadly, that isn't all my yarn. Just the stuff from the closet. You'll notice the freshly wound knitpicks is absent.

  • At 6:54 PM, Blogger Rain said…

    Cute hats.

    Stash taming is always a good idea - makes room for more ;)

  • At 7:33 PM, Blogger HPNY Knits said…

    stash taming, what a brilliant idea. I need to do that as well. I like your cross straps idea for the cami. I may stitch mine as well. it looks cool they way you did it.

  • At 9:40 PM, Blogger Purse_Ho said…

    flash that stash, girl. haahah.if this is just a little bit of your stash, you should be worried. i'm too scared to flash my stash...i need to find all my shiz first. :)

    your hats are too cute. i'm going to grab that storm trooper chart now.


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