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Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Stuff

2009 seemed to be the “Year of the Baby” amongst my friends and coworkers so many of the things I knitted were baby related.

One of the two pink baby bear hats that I made this year.

A baby panda bear hat

I finally finished that blue baby sweater that had be “in progress” for quite some time.

A pair of baby boxing gloves.

A set of matching baby booties.

One of two baby blankets I made this year.

A colorful baby bonnet.

I made this beaded strawberry hat along with a watermelon hat but I forgot to get a picture of that before it was gifted.

The second star blanket I made.

And finally the froggy baby hat.

This will probably be the last year I knit baby items for coworkers.
From now on it is family only.


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