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Monday, December 21, 2009

Other stuff I made

Everything else…..


Crochet Handwarmer

Pink Handwarmers

Watermelon Gloves

My scarf/shawl and one of my all time favorite projects. I used undyed alpaca for this project and the result was a super warm and super soft project that was so easy to make yet looks super complicated. I chose to leave the ends unbraided and I twisted the stitches before and after each drop stitch section.

Another one that looks harder than it was. This was simply a lengthwise seed stitch scarf with the Noro color changes doing most of the heavy lifting.

A cute use of the teeny tiny balls of cashmere that I own.


This pattern was on my “to do” list from the moment I saw it. I bought the pattern and the yarn but it took me a year to get around to starting it then another year to really get to work on it. After several months of knitting I finished it and steeked it. I wish I had made the top part about 2 inches shorter but it is otherwise a fantastic project.

Where I embarrass poor Charlie

Granny Square Sweater

Howl SnB Sweater


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