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Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Stuff

2009 seemed to be the “Year of the Baby” amongst my friends and coworkers so many of the things I knitted were baby related.

One of the two pink baby bear hats that I made this year.

A baby panda bear hat

I finally finished that blue baby sweater that had be “in progress” for quite some time.

A pair of baby boxing gloves.

A set of matching baby booties.

One of two baby blankets I made this year.

A colorful baby bonnet.

I made this beaded strawberry hat along with a watermelon hat but I forgot to get a picture of that before it was gifted.

The second star blanket I made.

And finally the froggy baby hat.

This will probably be the last year I knit baby items for coworkers.
From now on it is family only.


Hats! My love of hats is no secret so of course I had to make as many as I could. Many of these are now staples in my wardrobe.

This however is not one of them. The hat looks pretty good in this photo but from most angles I look like I am wearing a puffy pastery chef hat. It is because I used a yarn that was too thick and made for a stiff fabric. Next time I would use either a thinner yarn or a softer yarn to avoid that problem.

I love this hat but it is too small for me. I’ve ripped the project with the intent of going back someday to reknit it in a bigger size.

The Trinity hat however was too large. I’ve since frogged it and reused it in a different hat. If I did this one again I would knit some elastic into the brim.

This hat turned out quite well with the use of some sock yarn that had been in my stash forever.

This is one of the two patterns that I knit from “Boutique Knits”. It is one of my favorite hats.

The Princess Leia bun hat proved to be quite popular at last years departmental holiday party as a white elephant gift.

My second hat from “Boutique Knits” and the project I reused the yarn from the Trinity hat with. Another one of my favorites that gets worn a lot. The fabric created from a comination of the yarn and stitch makes a wonderfully cosy hat.

This hat get a lot of everyday wear as well. The cheery yellow yarn is a nice pop of color on a cold gray day.

A bit snug on me but I love the way the top of this hat looks.

The white elephant gift that I knit for this years departmental holiday party. It also proved to be quite popular.

A hat that I made as a gift for a Stars fan. I tried to dye the yarn but I couldn’t find the stuff I usually use. The color didn’t really take but I may redye the hat for her at a later time.

Other stuff I made

Everything else…..


Crochet Handwarmer

Pink Handwarmers

Watermelon Gloves

My scarf/shawl and one of my all time favorite projects. I used undyed alpaca for this project and the result was a super warm and super soft project that was so easy to make yet looks super complicated. I chose to leave the ends unbraided and I twisted the stitches before and after each drop stitch section.

Another one that looks harder than it was. This was simply a lengthwise seed stitch scarf with the Noro color changes doing most of the heavy lifting.

A cute use of the teeny tiny balls of cashmere that I own.


This pattern was on my “to do” list from the moment I saw it. I bought the pattern and the yarn but it took me a year to get around to starting it then another year to really get to work on it. After several months of knitting I finished it and steeked it. I wish I had made the top part about 2 inches shorter but it is otherwise a fantastic project.

Where I embarrass poor Charlie

Granny Square Sweater

Howl SnB Sweater