Baigneuse's Knit Fit

Just a place to post picts of my little ol' knitting projects.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Double knitting and the Lotus Top

This is my first halfway decent attempt at a double knit. Many of the previous swatches I did ended in disaster and will never see the light of day.

It's a bit messy, tension varies throughout, and the cast on/off methods I used probably were not the ones called for. I couldn't find a clear picture of what I should do so I just guessed. I was all excited because the latest issue of Knitty had some pictures of double knitting but as I soon found out that only worked if you wanted 2 seperate but identical pieces.

Hopefully I can improve rapidly because I realized my sisters birthday is coming up and this scarf would be fantastic in purple and black.

On another knitting front I've been working on my Lotus Blossom Top. I've come to realize that, as others have noted before, the lace reapeats really do look like alien heads. Weird. I think someone on the KAL had the idea to switch out that lace and use a skull pattern instead. I hope someone does do that because it would be brilliant.

I've had the yarn for months but only now do I find the will to work on it. I plan on doing some minor alterations to the pattern along the way so hopefully it will fit the way I want it to. We shall see soon.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Purple Loving Freak

After feeling some serious hat making/stash busting burnout I decided to settle down and focus on one larger project. Here is the result.

This is a variation of the VK Fall 06 Fair Isle U-Neck Pullover. Of course I omitted the Fair Isle portion as well as the sleeves to turn this into a purplicious vest.

This was knit out of Caron Simply Soft in purple and took less than 2.5 skeins. I liked this pattern and I can definitely see myself doing another. Only next time I won’t skip the sleeves or the multicolors.

For some reason I seemed to have accumulated many skeins of this particular color over a long period of time without realizing it. So of course you will probably see matching accessories to go with the purple vest very soon. I’ll look like Grimace in no time.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yarn Aplenty

Free yarn baby! This is why I had to go to the Knit Out today. I won the 2 skeins on the right as a door prize just for coming. I won the 15 skeins on the left for my Watermelon hat. My resolution to bust my stash just went right out the window.

Sweater Dreams

I can’t believe I almost missed it. It’s around 3 a.m. on the 16th and I just learned that today is the DFW Knit Out and Crochet Too at Half Price books. I went last year and won a nifty door prize for free yarn. I just can’t turn that down. It will also give me a chance to off load some of my stash busting hats to charity. It's from 10 till 6 but there is no guarantee I'll be there before noon. Despite the fact that I'm walking distance from the place.

I went road tripping with my Dad and got back into town a few days ago. All that driving gave me plenty of time to put a nice dent in my sweater project. It’s a variation of a VK sweater from its latest issue. I hope to be done with it very soon. It will also be my first opportunity to work with my first set of Addi Turbo needles. Sweet. I’ve completed the back and I am in the process of finishing up the front.

You know you’ve been knitting too much when you start having weird dreams about knitting. I’ve had a few before mostly involving really bizarre looking sweaters but the other night I seemed preoccupied with argyle. I’ve never knit it but when I woke up I felt compelled to note them just in case I ever try. Here was what I did.

Hope to see you guys at the Knit out, otherwise I’ll catch you when I can.