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Friday, April 27, 2007

Icarus Flying Free At Last

It took months of knitting and at least a half dozen false starts to get this thing done but it was all worth it. According to my knitting journal I started this on October 19, 2006 and I was done as of April 25th, 2007. To be fair I did put this project down for most of those months but it was still a time intensive project.

It was funny how my family didn’t seem to believe me when I said the shawl I was knitting would eventually look like the picture in the magazine. Even when I was done and I explained the whole idea of blocking they didn’t seem to buy it. It was the same way when I started with felting. I ended up pinning the shawl to a bed and steam blocking it with an iron.

I didn’t want to leave it out too long because my cat has a radar for things I don’t want her to lay down on. She won’t move all day except to eat and suddenly she’ll appear out of nowhere to roll on wool. I guess you have to find your jollies somewhere when your old, decrepit and evil.

The only mod I made was to use size 4 needles instead of 3. With only 8 rows left to go I ran out of the Grape Jelly color of Knitpicks I was using and I ended up having to use some blue I had to finish it off.

Another hat from me as well. I frogged another hat project to make this Newsboy cap.